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Small Group, Big Wins

There have been a lot of changes going on at Plymouth Fitness. I can relate to the constant state of change or evolving into something better than I was yesterday. It seems that Plymouth Fitness is really aiming to offer the best of the best to us as their members. They have taken the time to see what works. On the contrary, they have seen what does not work.

My workout routine was solid as I was basically at the club whenever I possibly could be. However, there were a few things lacking. Don’t get me wrong, I was a skeptic about this whole “small group” setting especially with incurring another cost. I enjoy working out alone and doing the exercises that I could (or want) to do. I had concerns that my injuries couldn’t sustain the pace of the group but also I might not be challenged enough in this setting. However, I tried it out with Nate for his HDSG on Wednesday evenings. Surprisingly, I was impressed on multiple levels. Not only did my wrist hold up like a champ but I was encouraged to modify those exercises that it didn’t while being encouraged to push with heavier weights on other exercises.  He was able to adjust the workout easily to different levels of skill and/or strength.

img_0556As you might be aware, last year I did the Spartan Race(s) with the “Plymouth Fitness” team. This actually had a “bootcamp” small group component too. Where I worked out alone all the time, this was a huge change of pace with the upside of meeting really good people. People that you end up creating a relationship with who are all motivating you to be better, push harder, get stronger. So the skeptic in me is impressed. I was able to meet people I wouldn’t normally and work out with some structure outside of my norm.

Sessions have been designed to fit your style and busy schedule. Are you up for dancing with Devon, working with Caitlin to lift safely with expert form, sweating it out with Nate, early morning agility with Matt, or Barre with Charlotte? Plymouth Fitness works to provide us with the tools to be as successful as possible. Commit to Get Fit(ter) with Coach Cass and Anna has made a monumental impact on many individuals lifestyle. I encourage you to think about this Small Group program. If you want to be pushed to train harder and smarter, bring a friend (who might not even be a member), or need that weekly structure to show up… it might be a great fit for you like it is me.


be merry & bright

This time of year brings up a lot of things for different people. Personally, I find it to be a bit of a challenge. I have made an effort to spend each day differently while keeping great focus on all the aspects of my life that bring me joy.

img_0143When I reflect over the last couple of years, I can see the very distinct moments in which my life has been changed, where I changed as a person, and where my decisions changed the trajectory of the path of which I followed. In hindsight, I can see where the decisions of those around me impacted not only me but the people I care deeply about. This year has held some of my most victorious moments but I would also say that it is a cumulative result of everything that I have been working towards. Without hesitation, I would say that I have grown both as a person and an athlete. I completed two Spartan races, signed up for my very first half marathon, worked to be stronger by the day, and hit my weight goals all with the support of Plymouth Fitness and Nate as a trainer.

In my very personal opinion, we should only surround ourselves with people that hold us accountable while helping us to rise up and be the best version of ourselves. My friends and family have brought me great joy, untamed laughter, and unleveled amounts of support. They are constantly encouraging of my free-spirit nature, my desire to get out of my element, and love me for all of my awkwardness (some even find it endearing). They call me out when I can be better. Nate doesn’t hesitate to call me out when I am not giving 100% or performing under my own expectations; a type of honesty that I respond positively to.  I would walk into the gym with my headphones and head down as I came to accomplish a task – but then somehow I discovered people who expected me to show up, do good, and be better.

I was struggling with boredom with my workout. This health club has so much to offer. I switched up my evening runs on the treadmill for a HD Group Class with Nate, Pilates with Alison, and the small group training. If you need a way to spice it up – talk to someone. They will help! Keep in mind that their goal is to help you meet your goals.

This time of year brings up a lot of things for different people whether it be joy, loss, or excitement. Try not to let all those things de-rail you. Find your focus and be consistent. With all that has changed in my life in the last few years, I have been given the opportunity to continually build a better, more healthy, version of me.  To all those who have helped along the way; thank you for being you. Treat all those around you with love, kindness, compassion, and respect. Happy Holidays ya’ll!




img_0556As many of you know, I completed my first Spartan Race this past year. I also then made the decision that this would not be my last. I trained HARD for that day and I am not sure that I ever would have felt ready. The unique part of this experience for me was the comradery that came with the team. Now, this is not to say I am not a competitive person. My main motivators are more the competitive tendencies within myself to push harder and be better than yesterday.

Recently, I was honored as a Plymouth Fitness Member of the Month. My friends giggled when I told them as they have learned my affinity for my long late night work-outs. I was delightfully surprised and honored to be recognized by people I deeply respect for working hard on myself.

Last week mid-session, Nate mentioned that I have met all my goals. I put down the weights – utterly confused. I honestly had no clue what he was talking about. Somehow, I had missed this and the opportunity to celebrate with a victory meal (I really LOVE food). Looking at the big picture, the goals that we had set out to reach in the VERY beginning of our training had all been accomplished. I would be willing to bet that my goals were very different than the person next to me on the treadmill – but we were both there working on ourselves. That is the beautiful thing about being in a place that allows you to become a better version of yourself. I would also be willing to say that the time and dedicated staff at Plymouth Fitness have monumentally impacted my life that I am not sure I would have understood two years ago.

Training with Nate the last two years has certainly been an interesting experience for me. I have been more apt to take risks and step out of my comfort zone. The decision to do the Spartan race was one I never had expected and I have evolved as an athlete and person. I didn’t feel ready for my first Spartan. I didn’t feel ready until I finished the first obstacle and the look of terror subsided. Even if you don’t feel ready, dive in. It’s an experience and one that I am thankful to have had. Give it a chance, prove to yourself that you too can do this race. There are TWO Spartan Bootcamps, Mondays at 10:30am and Wednesdays at 6pm. It is not too late to join! Personally, I am really excited about this as it gives me a chance to meet you wonderful folks while keeping my training interesting.

Get stronger. Get faster. Don’t hit a wall, go over it! Be part of the team. Challenge yourself to Spartan Up and we will see you at FENWAY as a part of team Plymouth Fitness.


Strive for progress, not perfection

sledgehammer-neonI am continually learning new things. There was one day the gym was swamped; like overrun with people. OK, so I am exaggerating. But I usually come at really quiet times of day. So from my perspective it seemed really busy. I am also someone who tends to perform better when I can focus with some intensity or I have a tendency to get quite easily distracted. What do they call it…shiny ball syndrome? Yes. That’s me. I was getting pretty flustered with all that was going on around me, unable to focus, and not accomplishing much of anything. Nate picked up on this immediately and saw an opportunity to re-group and go outside!

Let me set the scene for you. It was a gorgeous spring day, 85 degrees. Perfect weather for shorts and really could have been a great beach day. Naturally, I wore black pants to the gym that day. Not the best life choice that I have made thus far.

This workout that started out arguably quite rough actually turned out to be amazing. It was all about learning new things. What are these new things you may ask? It was taking this large, 150lb tire, lifting it and flipping it. WHAT? I couldn’t do that a month ago. It was a BIG tire. It was taking a 20lb sledgehammer and slamming the even larger tire with impressive force. It was attempting to not look like a complete dope on the monkey bars [please note: it was way easier when we were children, must be a body weight thing.] It was throwing the bag of weighted medicine balls with power and stability. I will also note, I am not really sure they are called medicine balls but for the point of this blog post, they are.

Everything I did here was NEW. I had to learn the proper way to do it. I had to listen to instruction. I had to have the patience with myself to gain the strength, as I progressively got more tired. Each week, I have worked towards progress. Not towards perfection in any fashion. The amount of progress I have seen has been exponential.

So strive for progress, not for perfection. Take that as whatever it means to you and run with it.


IMG_0557As you may know I have been training with Nate for some time now. The moment he asked if I wanted to join the team for the Spartan Race is one I recall quite vividly. I had to put down the weights to keep from laughing in his face and quite expressively responded with a “heck no!” I thought he was completely out of his mind for asking me to do something that I would never be ready for.

Giving it more thought, I considered that he would never suggest something that I wasn’t ready for. I went home and stared at the registration website for hours. I kid you not, it was two FULL hours. I finally pulled the trigger. Nate was pleased as punch I actually signed up because he was planning to push me harder than ever in my training sessions which was only fueling my major “oh sh!t” moment.

I subscribed to the emails from the Spartan website “Train Like a Spartan” and “Eat Like a Spartan”. At the time I feel like I tricked myself to think that subscribing to these emails would help me survive whatever I had now gotten myself into. The Eat Like a Spartan series features an ingredient and then gives you 7 creative ways to prepare it. I won’t lie that I didn’t even attempt to make one of the recipes nor did I do any of the workouts. However, just by getting the emails I felt more beastly, more Spartan if you will. I watched a video of the rope climb then promptly decided against knowing what I was getting into. I decided to just prepare myself in strength and endurance training. Essentially, I made my primary goal to be strong and confident. After the fact, I realized that without even noticing I had been preparing for this race every single time I had shown up to work hard. Now, I just needed to kick it up a notch and MAINTAIN that momentum.

Why did I do the Spartan Race? I was going to finish this race. I didn’t care if the whole team left me in the dust but I NEEDED to finish. I would prove to myself that I could do it. Our team was amazing. I never expected for a team of 14+ people to stay and work together the entire 6 miles. We started together and finished together. We supported, motivated, and laughed with each other. Strangers offered help. Almost face planting into the mud within the first mile the man behind me pulled me back up by my shirt and goes “You’re okay!” At the start of the race, the memorable man wearing pretty awesome bacon socks told us to never leave a fellow Spartan behind. No one was left behind. 

I didn’t sign up to prove anything to anyone else besides myself. Although, I would be willing to bet that there are people out there that never expected me to fair as well as I did. I may be small but I am fierce and not to be underestimated. When I considered how far I had come in two years; I really stepped back not only in awe but in pride. It is not even the big things but the small improvements that make a huge difference. I am impressed with myself and with the help that I have had along the way. The support of the Plymouth Fitness team has made that possible. This is a place that I have found comfort and a place that I can do what I enjoy. Find your crew, find your class; find the time that works for you – but really make it about you.

Will you be on Team Plymouth Fitness for Spartan in November?

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a bit more fit

Version 2

We all have our motivators. The key is about finding what motivates us as individuals. What motivates is highly likely not what drives you. However, I would be willing to bet that most of us like the way fantastic feels and want to stick with it. In so many aspects of life you should never doubt that you have the power to change something about yourself.

I am competitive; not only with others but with myself. I have harnessed this “spirit” and purchased a FitBit; which has undoubtedly helped me move more. Paul will come up to me to ask “How many steps have you done so far, today?” The weekly challenges drive me absolutely nuts while also keeping me consistent. For me, this small change has helped. I found taken my weakness and found a solution that has helped by allowing me to basically have “virtual” workout buddies and track my workouts.

A balanced and nourished diet is not something that I struggle with. In fact, every time I show up at the gym to train with Nate I seem to want a burger. It is the oddest thing. I have a family member participating in the Commit to Get Fit Program. The biggest point was that she was finally more ready to commit to herself. Along with a far more consistent workout schedule – I have seen a hugely positive change in my body. I am eating the same diet (for the most part) to be as supportive as I possibly can be. IT REALLY WORKS. It is so much easier when the people around you are eating healthy, too.

There is a lot going on at Plymouth Fitness right now. What motivates you? Is it the Lose to Win challenge where you can win over $350? Do you need a gym buddy or to sign up for a race? Should you explore and sign up for the Commit to Get Fit Program? It’s NEVER too late to commit to yourself. How about the HD membership or starting with a weekly class? What is it that gets you excited and KEEPS you excited?