IMG_0557As you may know I have been training with Nate for some time now. The moment he asked if I wanted to join the team for the Spartan Race is one I recall quite vividly. I had to put down the weights to keep from laughing in his face and quite expressively responded with a “heck no!” I thought he was completely out of his mind for asking me to do something that I would never be ready for.

Giving it more thought, I considered that he would never suggest something that I wasn’t ready for. I went home and stared at the registration website for hours. I kid you not, it was two FULL hours. I finally pulled the trigger. Nate was pleased as punch I actually signed up because he was planning to push me harder than ever in my training sessions which was only fueling my major “oh sh!t” moment.

I subscribed to the emails from the Spartan website “Train Like a Spartan” and “Eat Like a Spartan”. At the time I feel like I tricked myself to think that subscribing to these emails would help me survive whatever I had now gotten myself into. The Eat Like a Spartan series features an ingredient and then gives you 7 creative ways to prepare it. I won’t lie that I didn’t even attempt to make one of the recipes nor did I do any of the workouts. However, just by getting the emails I felt more beastly, more Spartan if you will. I watched a video of the rope climb then promptly decided against knowing what I was getting into. I decided to just prepare myself in strength and endurance training. Essentially, I made my primary goal to be strong and confident. After the fact, I realized that without even noticing I had been preparing for this race every single time I had shown up to work hard. Now, I just needed to kick it up a notch and MAINTAIN that momentum.

Why did I do the Spartan Race? I was going to finish this race. I didn’t care if the whole team left me in the dust but I NEEDED to finish. I would prove to myself that I could do it. Our team was amazing. I never expected for a team of 14+ people to stay and work together the entire 6 miles. We started together and finished together. We supported, motivated, and laughed with each other. Strangers offered help. Almost face planting into the mud within the first mile the man behind me pulled me back up by my shirt and goes “You’re okay!” At the start of the race, the memorable man wearing pretty awesome bacon socks told us to never leave a fellow Spartan behind. No one was left behind. 

I didn’t sign up to prove anything to anyone else besides myself. Although, I would be willing to bet that there are people out there that never expected me to fair as well as I did. I may be small but I am fierce and not to be underestimated. When I considered how far I had come in two years; I really stepped back not only in awe but in pride. It is not even the big things but the small improvements that make a huge difference. I am impressed with myself and with the help that I have had along the way. The support of the Plymouth Fitness team has made that possible. This is a place that I have found comfort and a place that I can do what I enjoy. Find your crew, find your class; find the time that works for you – but really make it about you.

Will you be on Team Plymouth Fitness for Spartan in November?

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a bit more fit

Version 2

We all have our motivators. The key is about finding what motivates us as individuals. What motivates is highly likely not what drives you. However, I would be willing to bet that most of us like the way fantastic feels and want to stick with it. In so many aspects of life you should never doubt that you have the power to change something about yourself.

I am competitive; not only with others but with myself. I have harnessed this “spirit” and purchased a FitBit; which has undoubtedly helped me move more. Paul will come up to me to ask “How many steps have you done so far, today?” The weekly challenges drive me absolutely nuts while also keeping me consistent. For me, this small change has helped. I found taken my weakness and found a solution that has helped by allowing me to basically have “virtual” workout buddies and track my workouts.

A balanced and nourished diet is not something that I struggle with. In fact, every time I show up at the gym to train with Nate I seem to want a burger. It is the oddest thing. I have a family member participating in the Commit to Get Fit Program. The biggest point was that she was finally more ready to commit to herself. Along with a far more consistent workout schedule – I have seen a hugely positive change in my body. I am eating the same diet (for the most part) to be as supportive as I possibly can be. IT REALLY WORKS. It is so much easier when the people around you are eating healthy, too.

There is a lot going on at Plymouth Fitness right now. What motivates you? Is it the Lose to Win challenge where you can win over $350? Do you need a gym buddy or to sign up for a race? Should you explore and sign up for the Commit to Get Fit Program? It’s NEVER too late to commit to yourself. How about the HD membership or starting with a weekly class? What is it that gets you excited and KEEPS you excited?

the joys of committment

IMG_0184Some would say that commitment is not my strength. On the contrary, when you are dedicated to a cause – when you discover that passion, an allegiance, there is often no greater sense of commitment. I campaigned for my entire family to buy me Plymouth Fitness gift cards for the holidays so that I could commit to get fit without any barriers. Well, apparently that was not the commitment I was ready to make. On January 2nd of this year, my entire life changed. This may sound a tad dramatic (it absolutely is dramatic) but it pinpoints how I felt when I brought my eight-week-old little pup home. I wouldn’t call bringing her home a rash decision, but I also wouldn’t NOT call it a rash decision. I have known for some time that I have wanted a puppy but on this day she picked me. And just like that I had a dog. It has been one of the best things I’ve ever done but Liberty (Libby) is a handful.

Now, I completely underestimated to amount of work and commitment that a puppy would be despite having dogs growing up. Apparently, I did little to nothing to help my parents out in that respect (sorry, guys!). There is nothing like a love of a dog. It’s also the most incredible thing to see how much she loves me back, and how happy she is to see me every single time I walk into a room (even when she saw me two seconds before).

On the bright side, now that she isn’t constantly Leaky Libby (a little pee-machine) I have found a way to be back in both my training routine with Nate and in the cardio machine groove. I have discovered that playtime with Libby is a great way to get an extra dose of exercise in! I am getting stronger and I have literally never laughed harder.

Believe it or not, Libs and I actually have a lot in common…

  • Libby the Lab is more of a stoop kid. She would prefer to eat grass while watching other pups run. She seems to think that running is over-rated. Obviously, I don’t eat grass but I do like vegetables and must admit running really isn’t my thing.
  • I bought her a doggie kettlebell. Kettlebell swings aren’t her favorite but she carries it with her everywhere. It’s neon, of course.
  • She is highly motivated by food. She will never say no to a good meal. We have that in common. I want to be lean and strong BUT the real reason I work-out is because I love food.
  • She is finally getting used to how her legs work and not always falling/rolling down hills. She might even be steps ahead of me when it comes to that.
  • We both like a schedule. The difference is I am used to doing things when I want. Some would classify this as selfish. I live in her world now; not mine. I think this is how real adults function.

Getting to be your best self isn’t always easy and takes commitment. A puppy is a also a HUGE commitment. I have found that working out and a puppy have both brought me joy, strength, and it hasn’t been easy but it’s completely worth it.

Version 2

Cass Healy

Trainer Talk | Cassandra Healy


Certified Health Coach (American Council on Exercise)

Certified Personal Trainer (National Strength and Conditioning Association- CPT)
American Heart Association CPR/AED Certified

Fitness Philosophy:
“I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.”
“Weight Training – Cheaper than therapy and both your mind and body get stronger!”
“Wow! I really regret that workout.” Said no one. Ever.

  • Strength/Resistance Training
  • Fat Loss/Body Recomposition
  • Nutritional Guidance and Support (1:1 and in 90 Day CTGF Program)

Cass’s passion for fitness and health has spanned over 25 years and finding what motivates her clients to feel that same passion is the best part of her career as a personal trainer and health coach. Her true love has been helping others see the benefits of strength training in the quest for a fit physique. A stronger body and more muscle means you look better, feel better, can do more day-to-day activities with ease and have a more efficient metabolism. Who wouldn’t want that?

In a society filled with “quick fix” promises, Cass believes her mission as a trainer and health coach is to teach her clients that only hard work and dedication will help them reach their goals – and they will be better for it!

Over the years, Cass has also acquired an extensive knowledge of nutrition and is the Leader and Head Coach of Plymouth Fitness’ 90 Day Commit to Get Fit Program. She knows that for her clients to be successful and achieve real health and wellness, both exercise and nutrition have to be addressed and her experience in both, along with her ability to create excitement about the process itself, are what has made her clients experience true success in reaching their goals…and THAT’S the most exciting part!


CPR Training 2015

Plymouth Fitness offers CPR Training for members and the general public.  Certification includes CPR,AED and choking through the HeartSaver/AED program of the American Heart Association (enhancement will be provided for those needing Healthcare Provider Certification) and is facilitated by Kingston Firefighter, Doug Costa.

$45 fee payable to Doug Costa at the start of the class.  All classes are 6pm – 9pm.  Here is the 2016 schedule:

Jan 28
Feb 25
Mar 31
Apr 26
May 24
Jun 28
Jul 19
Aug 30
Sep 29
Oct 27
Nov 29
Dec 29

Pre-registration is required at Member Services or by calling 508-746-7448.

Club Courtesy & Common Sense Items

special_offers_members_01Always secure your valuables Although we would like to think that we know everybody at the club, Plymouth Fitness is a public place with many members and guests.  Take the same precautions you would take anywhere with your wallet, jewelry, clothing, keys, etc.  Not keeping your valuables locked in a locker is not recommended.  If you do not have a lock on a certain day, Member Services staff will be happy to hold your valuables.

Cell phone conversations in lobby only.  Most cell phones now have cameras, so to protect the privacy of all members, cell phone use is prohibited in the locker areas.  Also, most people find it to be distracting while someone is having a cell phone conversation while exercising, so please refrain from talking on cell phones in any area of the club except in the lobby.

Rack ‘em!  Simply return the weight plates, dumbbells, barbells, accessories, etc. to their storage area or rack when you are finished using them.  That way, members can always find what they are looking for easily.  Also, remember that everyone is not as strong as you…they might not be able to lift those 45 lb. plates off the leg press machine.

Got clean shoes?  Please help us to keep the sand and road salt out of the building and off the equipment by not wearing your “street shoes” while exercising.  If possible, have a separate pair of “club shoes” that are not worn outside.

Did you forget something?  Like your sweat!  No one wants to start using a piece of equipment or stretch mat only to find that the previous user neglected to wipe up their sweat when they finished.  Pre-moistened sanitizing wipes are located throughout the club.  Please use them.  Not to mention, it will keep the germs away.

@#$%^&^@#!  Foul language is a no-no at Plymouth Fitness.  Your club serves members of all ages including young children and senior citizens.  Be respectful of them and yourself by not cursing.

No shaving in the steam rooms or saunas.   This one should be obvious!

Share and share alike.  Please be courteous to others when using the free weight equipment, lap lanes in the swimming pool, and weight machines by allowing others to “work-in” or “share the lane” if they are waiting.  You might even make a new friend…

New credit/debit card or checking account.  Please remember to provide us with your new billing account information when you receive any new numbers from your bank or credit card company promptly.  It could save you a service fee!

You could be a hero!  Please report any suspicious activity or medical emergencies to a Plymouth Fitness staff member immediately.


 Thank you for helping us to continue providing you with  the premier health club on the South Shore!

The gift that keeps giving

Earlier this week, during the 12 Days of Fitness, you may have read a blog about why Personal Training has been so impactful for me. I firmly believe that everyone has a unique path to their best self. For me, I need a little bit of that push, that discipline, and regularity in my schedule. My short attention span can be wrangled in to focus on specific exercises and pushing myself further. Now, we are in the season of giving. I have found it to be a little bit difficult to wrap my head around spending money on myself when I am supposed to be buying meaningful gifts for others.

Personally, my Christmas list consist of socks from Costco and gift cards to the gym. I also casually asked for a puppy. However, that request is quite obviously more in jest. Today is a big day though. The 12 Days of Fitness offering is 20% off gift cards! I will admit my parents received a screenshot of that email – just in case they needed any last minute ideas. I have looked at my spending during the last 12 days of promotions as an investment in myself. It is an investment in my health and happiness. I am not really sure you can put a price on that. The flexibility that the gift card offers me is endless. I can put those funds towards pilates, smoothies, or additional personal training sessions with Nate.

I know I have already encouraged all of you to give yourself the opportunity to find the work-out that works for you. If you weren’t quite sold on the benefits of personal training; the purchase of a gift card allows you to apply it towards different things. It offers you the opportunity to find what works best for you and spice up your routine. Perhaps, it could apply towards a service that you already know and love. On the other hand, maybe you know someone who wants to join or try a new type of activity. In my personal opinion, the gift of health and fitness would be a sure thing under the Christmas Tree this year.